Z-Tech has experience in all aspects of the UK power industry. Our engineers are highly skilled in working on a full range of projects from small CHP plants to major generation plants.

We provide a diverse maintenance service to the power sector relating to electrical, controls and instrument preventative or reactive requirements.  

Z-Tech will help you with: 

  • Power sector outage requirements
  • Control and instrumentation, calibrations, DCS controls
  • Calibrations undertaken utilising Beamex calibrators, with the ability to manage or develop Beamex calibration database.
  • Condition monitoring, vibration analysis, thermography, transformer analysis
  • Generator requirements – maintenance, consultancy, resources, project management, condition monitoring
  • Gas turbine, steam turbine and generator resources
  • Transformer maintenance
  • Switchgear – low voltage and high voltage
  • Lighting maintenance and defect rectification
  • UPS and battery maintenance
  • Motor maintenance, testing and fault finding
  • Protection testing
  • Electrical installations – low voltage and high voltage
  • Cathodic protection maintenance
  • Trace heating
  • Compressors
  • Pump and valve maintenance.

The Z-Tech approach

Z-Tech takes a holistic approach in providing solutions, competitively and professionally.

We recognise that power station maintenance requirements range from minor to major so our job is to deliver the right package and professionals, tailored to your needs. We’ll provide a reliable resource, with a high number of employees, trained to meet day-to-day preventative and outage activities.

All areas of our work are managed with safety, standards, duration and commercial deliverables to exact client requirements.

Z-Tech delivers best practice and strives for excellence within the power sector. Our trained professionals, with a wealth of industry experience, provide solutions to enable our clients to deliver reliable operations on time and within budget.

Z-Tech can also supply resources to the power sector as well as for maintenance contracts. We aim to provide a stress free solution to labour shortages, allowing budgets to be managed without the expense of package agreements for employees. 

Labour supply

Z-Tech’s labour supply department provide assistance to the power industry. Our technicians and engineers work within power stations, CHPs and other power generation plants. We can help supply labour from our core team of Electricians, Control and Instrument Technicians and also find solutions for any situation. We have resources who have extensive knowledge within the power industry and have full training in all health and safety aspects of any role. 

Z-Tech work with Beamex Calibration equipment

Z-Tech work with Beamex, a leading company for providing calibration equipment for calibrating your onsite assets. We are able to make Beamex affordable for smaller sites: as well as reducing the costs of the system, our highly trained calibration technicians remove the need for in house training.

We are using Beamex Mc5 and Mc6 Multifunction calibrators on site to accurately calibrate instrumentation; we then upload this to the Beamex Software Centre for reporting and tracking assets. In turn this will provide condition status of assets and predict possible failure/replacement. Please contact us for more information. 


The power industry is an intense and demanding environment where any shutdown or outage has to be planned and calculated. These planned outages allow for full detailed inspections to be completed when on normal days equipment would be in operation and a visual inspection is all that can be achieved. Z-Tech's inspectors can be easily incorporated into a planned outage programme and complete inspections and remedials saving future costly breakdowns.

When unplanned outages arise our inspectors can be called upon to assist with fault finding and rectification within potentially hazardous areas at a moment’s notice. All our engineers hold their CCNSG’s as standard.

Whether the source of supply be gas or coal, our inspectors are qualified and competent to complete the necessary inspections, remedials and installations in a timely and efficient manner ensuring down time is kept to a bare minimum. Find our more about ATEX.

"Z-Tech has proven a professional and technical approach to delivery on our automation projects. This has resulted in a long-term business relationship built upon good service, project delivery and trust."

Philip Smith, Johnson Matthey PLC