Thames Water

Z-Tech’s Innovative Solution to Deliver Project Efficiency


Z-Tech had to verify 512 Thames Water District Meters to ensure efficiency of the network for both regularity purposes and in the run up to a busy summer period.

With a tight deadline, the London Congestion Charge and limited parking, the use of vans is a restrictive and costly exercise. Z-Tech needed an innovative solution to ensure the project efficiency.


  • Central London location with little car parking and congestion charges
  • Verification of 512 District meters within a five-week period.

Key solutions:

  • Z-Tech invested in a fleet of mountain bikes equipped with mobile equipment.
  • A single van would drop-off three mobile teams to conduct verifications around a mapped area.
  • Teams fully equipped and able to move around more meters quickly, not relying on parking spaces.


  • Water networks project
  • Verifications.

Key benefits:

  • All 512 meters were verified in the allocated time frame
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions, reduction in congestion and parking charges
  • More efficient workforce.

“This was a superb scheme and really highlighted the reductions that can be made in C02 while also saving time and money. It’s a win-win situation and we intend on adopting for more teams.” Jeremy Bull, HSEQ Director

  • "The customer focus and flexibility of Z-Tech makes it easy for a water utility to deal with. When we have a large and complex programme to deliver, planning every detail can be a challenge. Working with Z-Tech means that we can maintain delivery, knowing that resources are available to pick up the loose ends."

    Jim Grandison, Thames Water

  • "Z-Tech has proven a professional and technical approach to delivery on our automation projects. This has resulted in a long-term business relationship built upon good service, project delivery and trust."

    Philip Smith, Johnson Matthey PLC