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The Opportunities, Pitfalls and Dangers that the Water Industry Faces in Cyber Security

By Nick McLauchlan, Head of Technology and Innovation. Whilst we could argue which of the U.K. water companies is the largest – it’s very much dependent upon how you perform the measurement – what can be agreed upon is that companies such as United Utilities and Thames Water have large physical footprints. The number of telemetry nodes is proportional to the size of the estate, Thames Water has 100 water treatment works, 288 clean water pumping stations, 30 raw water reservoirs and 235 underground service reservoirs, 348 sewage treatment works and over 2,530 managed sewage pumping stations , giving a quick and dirty count of over 3,500 potential telemetry nodes, with United Utilities having a similar number.



When things are broken they need to be fixed fast. Engineers need to be deployed to site with the right IT equipment – laptop, software tools and leads to connect to the field controllers (PLCs) or site instrumentation. This enables them to find and fix the fault with no repeat visits or costly delays.

  • "The customer focus and flexibility of Z-Tech makes it easy for a water utility to deal with. When we have a large and complex programme to deliver, planning every detail can be a challenge. Working with Z-Tech means that we can maintain delivery, knowing that resources are available to pick up the loose ends."

    Jim Grandison, Thames Water

  • "Z-Tech has proven a professional and technical approach to delivery on our automation projects. This has resulted in a long-term business relationship built upon good service, project delivery and trust."

    Philip Smith, Johnson Matthey PLC