European Championships 2016 - Health and Safety Update

The Kick Off - The European Championships kick off this Friday with the host Nation, France in action and England on Saturday. Z-Tech Control Systems wants all our staff to thoroughly enjoy the Euro’s, but please act responsibly and enjoy the matches in the spirit such an event is intended to be about.

Half Time

  • If you have been out drinking DO NOT DRIVE – Take a Taxi
  • Remember it takes approximately 2hrs for your body to process 1 Unit of Alcohol. The more you drink the longer it will take and IT IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE.  If you drive the following day after as little as 3 pints or large glasses of wine the night before, you could still be over the legal limit for driving – Even if you feel fit to drive.
  • It is impossible to process the alcohol in your body any faster. A shower, cup of coffee or other ways of sobering up DO NOT WORK – It takes TIME.

Full Time

Z-Tech have a strict approach to Drink and Drugs

Extra Time – Penalties

  • On average 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured each year in drink-drive related incidents.
  • There is no fail-safe guide as to how to stay under the legal limit – the ONLY sure way is not to drink.
  • Driving or attempting to drive whilst under the influence carries a penalty of 6 months imprisonment, fine of upto £5,000 and a minimum 12 months driving ban.
  • If you think you won’t get caught please remember that over half a million breath tests are taken each year and around 10,000 are found to be positive – this will increase during Euro 16.
  • Causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs carries a maximum 14yrs in prison, a minimum 2yrs driving ban and a requirement to pass an extended driving test before the offender is able to legally drive again.


Stay On The Ball – Don’t Blow Red!


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