Z-Tech will help you with maintenance

Z-Tech will help you with people

The Energy sector in the UK continues to find it difficult to find skills around the specialist EC&I labour requirements.

At Z-Tech we have spent many years working on long-term strategies to address this problem, not only for ourselves but also to be able to provide skilled people to our customers to swell their teams as required. This might be for something as short as covering for a spike in workload,sickness or for longer-term commitments, embedded in one of your teams.

As a general rule, if your skills shortage comes under the umbrella of things we do as a company, then we can help you out - typically this would be Industrial Maintenance Electricians, Fitters, EC&I Technicians, Systems Engineers and Project Managers.

If we supply you with one of our people, you get a lot more than just that individual: they come fully trained and equipped to hit the ground running and with the full support and backup of a control systems business specialist in your sector: van, tools, laptop, PPE, training and software.

Whatever is needed, we take care of it!

Z-Tech will help you with people
Z-TECH will help you with Atex & Electrical Services

Z-TECH will help you with systems

Z-Tech’s experienced Systems team is structured for delivery of specialist EC&I Projects, upgrades, retro-fitting and solving process issues.

We have APM trained Project Managers and highly skilled technical team, meaning we can deal with specialist systems installation and integration – with a combined experience to work on any PLC ever made!

With the back-up of the larger Z-Tech team, our Systems Business Unit can flex, and offers UK-wide coverage.

Z-TECH will help you with systems