Addressing the hot topic of ‘water pollution’ at this year’s WWEM conference.

Posted: 10th November 2022

Addressing the hot topic of ‘water pollution’ at this year’s WWEM conference.

This October saw the return of the fantastic, Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) 2022 conference. Put together by Oliver Grievson, Technical Lead at Z-Tech.

Our very own technical experts were involved in discussing regulatory hot topics and showcasing technological solutions from across the industry.

Steven French, Flowmetering Technical Support for Z-Tech, discussed practical installation solutions and gave examples of challenges that have been faced.

Steve showcased two examples of Z-Tech installations, including a Flume replacement and a challenging Weir application with a combined three emission point. The group in attendance were shown in detail the various stages from design to commissioning and offered solutions to meet environmental challenges as well as the correct selection of installation materials.

Marcio Bonifacio, Principal Systems Engineer at Z-Tech, presented a very well-crafted solution using cutting edge Internet of Things (IOT) technology integrated into Z-Tech’s very own Z-One Asset Management and Business Intelligent application.

He showcased a cross-industry case study where he designed a system that employs a Siemens IOT2050 gateway and integrated with an existing control system to gather valuable data to be transferred to Z-One Application Programming Interface (API).

Ideal for the key user to provide actionable information to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. This sort of cost-effective innovative solution can be rapidly deployed in challenging scenarios to reduce water pollution and other industries.

Z-Tech also participated in the WWEM Apprentice Competition. Junior System Engineers, Matt Oliver and Gianmarco Akinyosoye, did a fantastic job of representing the company and the conference was a great opportunity for our younger team members to be involved.

WWEM provided countless opportunities for networking, hot topic discussions and regulatory debates. It was definitely a highlight of the year.